getting stoned is good?

It’s been 24 years since I smoked pot every afternoon when I got home from work around 5:30. Didn’t smoke or drink those 24 years. Felt good. Felt comfortable as not a party girl, plus, um, I was too old to be a girl. It was age 30 -54. What an age! Duh! It was MIDDLE AGE! Having kids, aging parents, divorce, teenagers in jail, grand-parenthood, empty nest, finding a man that is just so satisfying. Amen!

So I started back in June and now it’s the end of February, 8 months. I’ve learned a lot but probably not enough. I’m smoking once or twice a week at night now, like cocktails but ever so much more fun!

Yep, fun. Sometimes. Why do buzzes change? I guess that might be an addict’s question; looking for the perfect buzz. I have straight times that are very buzzed in a good spirit way. Maybe I won’t smoke.


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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