generous pretending

I have a boyfriend. I haven’t had one of those since 1983, that’s 31 years ago. I’m a girl. I have trouble leaving it all alone and letting it happen. I want to fidget, meddle, touch, change, dissect, analyze, figure out, and understand. When he says he loves me, I think, “that’s generous of him to pretend that to make me feel better”. I think I’m supposed to just listen to his words and believe the standard meaning of that language.

What the hell? Why do I make new meanings for conventional words just because it’s being said by a man? A man my age no less. A man as fat as me. A man who just finished sharing his sex with me in the most incredible way. What is wrong with me to pick holes in that? Females. I’m just saying.


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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1 Response to generous pretending

  1. Evie says:

    Actually, there’s nothing wrong with looking deeper, as long as you don’t miss the fun. Do protect yourself by being wise and watchful. Most over 50 boyfriends are hooked on at least one dating site 😉


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