love seems easy

Blithe, glib, easy peasy, or maybe riptide, unbreakable flow, force of nature. What?! You don’t agree that love seems easy?

I’m loving a man and man oh man is he a man. My age and a force of nature. What is this about me that loves him even when he’s a … hmmm, gentle language here… jerk? annoying? difficult? strong?  I breathe and love him then also and it’s not that hard. So amazing to me. I’m amazing to me, that I can breathe and be, “yep, that’s my giant aggressive man and I love him even now when he’s … difficult”. So weird. I’m usually a control freak worried about other’s impressions. Hunh. Cool. I guess.


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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