pig head good or bad?

For some reason, probably socio-cultural, I think “pig head” is a decent name to call someone I’m annoyed with. I also use “dick head”, but I tend more towards pig head. But pigheaded has a meaning already. It means stubborn. So maybe being pigheaded is a good thing? Because stubbornness is really helpful for battling through something, pushing ahead, being motivated, getting it done, standing your ground in the face of opposition, etc.

Oddly, I only say pig head in my head, like to myself in my head. I don’t say it out loud. And my go-to word to use as an example for searching on google is “pig”. I say pig head in my head to other heads that don’t hear me. Hunh. What am I trying to say?


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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