50 something dating

Dating post menopause is so easy. No birth control, no kids, we both have money, we both have our own ideas, and religion, and jobs, and friends, and support systems. We can just enjoy our carnal pleasures which are so much more extremely satisfying than ever before. Who knew! 

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I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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1 Response to 50 something dating

  1. Evie says:

    It’s nice that this works out for some women. Everyone’s circumstances are different, though. Our society has changed dearly as far as what used to be the middle class, and I’m not alone when I describe my circumstances as over 50, working full time, and unable to make ends meet. Women like myself try dating and realize we can’t because we’re expected to pay half or to take turns paying. I can’t go out to dinner and pay half on Friday, when I have to eke out enough gas money to get to work on Monday.


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