fixing leads to hating

Hello! Did you not know this? I did not know… at all. If you help someone, fix, or otherwise suggest, you will bear the full wrath of whatever mess ensues and that means someone or something will hate you in the short, medium, and also long run. Do not fix. This is a public service message to me. HellOO! Do NOT FIX!

Also, giving opinion is a horrible way to fit in with people. If you are agreeing to get along, beware! They have every right and opportunity to CHANGE THEIR MIND and then you are screwed because you can’t… change… yours. Too late.

No fixing, whose problem is it anyway, let it all go, and just be yourself. Don’t agree to fit in because you will be doubly screwed sooner than later. Believe me now and remember it later too, dolt girl. Be Your Self. [ SLAP ] “Thank you JaneIsNotMe, I needed that and I’ll come back and re-read this to be reminded…”

[anonymity check, can you tell I’ve been a coder because I used camel back in my “name”?]


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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