tipping over in the shower

It’s not me [ wink wink ]… it’s the sloping sides of the old cast iron bathtub that serves as foundation for my wonderful shower. And the sloping standing makes for tippy orientation. But hooray! solution! lean on the beautiful blue and white tile, clean and smooth to lend perspective of verticality, safe and no tipping. And when the going is rough, lean one hand on one tile wall and the other hand on the other for a lovely right angle confidence. That’s if your using your arms. Otherwise, I love to just rest my butt on the long wall and it feels safe and strong because my ass is so hugely excellent that leaning an outside edge of it on the tile wall does not make me lean over. Nay, it makes me still pretty much normally vertical. Yay!


About janeisnotme

I'm not Jane. Just saying.
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